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Our next event is hosted by:

Kate Bradshaw

Wix Ambassador

- Sydney

Design and publish your own website. De-mystify SEO and make it work for you. Work out which online marketing techniques will work for you. No special knowledge required! Just bring a laptop (not a tablet) and a smile!

Conveniently located

at Warringah Library

You'll fall in love with web-designing!

What you'll learn:

Join Kate, the Wix Ambassador, for this website design and SEO session. Great for beginners!
  • Walk through the Wix Editor
  • Explore new features
  • Get the latest design tips
  • Build together in this hands-on workshop
  • Set up great SEO from the start!
  • Go pro when designing for mobile
  • Appreciate advanced design
  • Set up an e-commerce store
  • And much more!

Hear what these attendees learned...

Meet your Wix Ambassador/Sydney Meetup Leader

Kate Bradshaw has a background in corporate advertising and marketing and a degree in psychology (BA Psych Hons). Kate has always had a love of graphic design and in 2014 opened Of course, the platform of choice is Wix. See all the lovely Wix sites here. Kate is Wix’s Sydney Ambassador as well as a qualified WixEd Webmaster, Wix Certified Trainer and Wix Parter Community Leader. She is enjoying teaching entrepreneurs and small business people to design, publish, market, and manage their own website. 

Wix Agency Parter - Webtoday

You can design a website!

Designing your own website can be challenging. Especially when you only have your own resources to rely on. That's why I want to open up the Wix Editor for you and give you all the tips and tools you need to get started on your own excellent website. is an amazing tool for professional website designers like me, and also for business people like you who have never thought of designing a website before. 

I'm going to give you all the design resources, tips and tricks you need to be able to get started with your own site. We'll cover what make a home page beautiful, functional and relevant. Then we'll move on to designing an appealing about-us page, services page and contact page. 

In just a few clicks we will add an online store, an appointment booking system and an events management system.

Last but not least we'll make sure the site is optimised for mobile, and we'll take a look at what makes for good Search Engine Optimisation. 

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Started doing it yourself but suddenly got busy? Hit a dry spell? The Wall? Stumped? Stuck? No worries! We can do more than just show and tell. How about a full re-design, rewrite, fix-up, make better, completion, socialis-ation and marketing of your site and business. Sound good? Awesome!

Just get in touch.

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